Dr.-Eng. Cersten Kausch (Electrical Engineering)

As an engineer, consultant and trainer Cersten Kausch has more than 20 years of experience. His career started in 1991 with a PHD degree in electrical engineering. During the following years he mainly focused on the development of high security concepts and video surveillance facilities for public and corporate buildings with high security requirements as for example hospitals, correctional facilities and the office of the federal president of Germany (Schloss Bellevue). He holds several patents in the field of electrical technologies.

More recently Cersten extended his scope of professional expertise into the field of energy saving measures. Through the development and implementation of concepts for energetic renovation of public institutions (for example schools) as well as privately owned huge office buildings he gained vast hands-on experience in a broad range of technical solutions to reduce the energy demand.

Cersten is also a certified trainer of PREMA®. The PREMA® training programme provides concepts and tools towards implementing resource efficiency in a sustainable way. PREMA® helps companies to implement triple-win improvements. It is designed to substantially

  • Reduce costs of production and improve resource efficiency.
  • Improve environmental performance.
  • Enhance organisational capabilities of employees.

Besides the above listed professional skills, Cersten has broad experience as an external evaluator, consultant and tender agent not only in Germany but also internationally, namely as a consultant for projects implemented by German International Cooperation (GIZ and KfW). On behalf of GIZ and KfW he supported clients in Armenia, Georgia, the Ukraine and Montenegro with his expertise and training capacities.


CV-englisch-gesamt march 2014