13Mar 2018

As before, we use classic electrical measuring methods according to VDE 0126-23 or I-V curve measurements with sufficient irradiation for troubleshooting and analysis. Similar to the thermography, the dependence on solar radiation makes the practical measurement considerably more difficult (season, time of day, facades- east -/ west plants etc). Dark I-V curves, on the other […]

17Dec 2017

In November our new release PV * SOL premium 2018 was released. These new features are now available: • Import of 3D data from different sources, e.g. City models, terrain models, drone flights, CAD programs • Interconnection with selection of power optimizers (SolarEdge, Tigo, Maxim) and inverters taking into account the special interconnection rules • […]

02Jul 2017
Credit: © Büro F - Stephan Franz

The energy market has drastically changed since Fukushima. Since the ENERGIE – WENDE and with the new awareness of gaining energy from “safe” and alternative energy sources, there has been great innovation. With the excommunication of fossil fuels, opportunities and problems became clearer how systemically renewable energies could contribute to self-sufficient energy supply. The movement […]